11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - RAS Facility
East Asia Global Alliance, JSC (EA|GA) has established EA|GA RAS Technologies business model using recirculating aquaculture system technology (RAS) to bring a predictable, chemical and drug free bio secure production of shrimp to a scalable enterprise. EA|GA RAS Technologies joins a growing number of environmentally friendly shrimp farming companies whose product is produced under conditions in which all inputs are controlled allowing us to develop turn-key facilities offering a:

Predictable, chemical and drug free shrimp production
that can be certified organic

The need for high quality human food grows as the world's population grows. Most of the world's wild fish populations are now at or beyond maximum sustained yield, meaning that additional harvest only reduces the product available for next year's catch.
EA|GA Investment Opportunity

For further information please contact
Douglas E. Railton, CEO
Mobile: +84 90 8263331
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