11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - RAS Facility

The Team

11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - Douglas E. Railton, CEODouglas E. Railton
Mr. Railton has enjoyed over 35 years in international business management activities with a focus on start up enterprises. Most of these projects were established on the premises of indigenizing the processes as much as possible to the host country. Accomplishments include; a software development company with offices in India, Germany and the USA that was taken public; recycling facilities in Mexico producing PET; founding a company to engineer and manufacturing solar hot water systems in Oregon, other manufacturing facilities in the US, Brazil, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, produced products including marine equipment, high speed boats, food products and military equipment. Mr. Railton led a team to establish a joint venture with GTel Mobile in Vietnam and Vimpelcom of Russia to introduce the Beeline telecommunications company, a US$1.2 billion investment.

11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - Beau Dempsey, TechnologyBeau Dempsey
Mr. Dempsey received his B.Sc. from the Stephen F. Austin State University, with a major in Environmental Science from the College of Forestry. Mr. Dempsey has a long history of involvement in environmental and aquatic projects, developing new technology and products in the aquatic life support arena. He established Pro-Aquatics, a division of Fritz Industries in Mesquite Texas that developed professional grade products designed to promote the overall health and sustainability to aquatic institutions including zoos, aquariums and aquaculture facilities. His line of products were enthusiastically embraced by the aquatics industry and is still in use on many prominent facilities today. He has consulted with many well recognized names in the industry including Walt Disney World, Gannix Feeds, Aquatic-Eco-Systems, Blue Oasis Shrimp, Bass Pro Shops and more.

11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - Kerry T. Smith, AdvisorKerry T. Smith
Mr. Smith is a Partner at Montgomery & Hansen, with more than 20 years’ experience in the practice of corporate and securities law at major U.S. law firms, and has been CFO of a NASDAQ listed public company. He has represented international and domestic public companies, emerging growth corporations, venture capital funds and private equity funds in a broad array of industries. He advises clients in the area of general corporate governance matters. While at DLA Piper, Mr. Smith responsible for directing the legal activities during the GTel Mobile telecom (Beeline) project that Mr. Railton was involved in. Mr. Smith holds a J.D. from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law and a B.S. in Accountancy from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He is a CPA (inactive) and practiced at Deloitte & Touche prior to attending law school.

11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - Do Ngoc Minh Phuc, ManagementDo Ngoc Minh Phuc
Mr.Do obtained his B.Sc. with a major in IT and Multimedia from the Royal Melbourne institute of technology, HCMC, Vietnam. Subsequently, he obtained his Masters of Communications at the Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. While attending the university, Mr. Do worked at a business and IT solutions firm as an e-Marketing consultant and project manager for developing the e-commerce system for www.studioitalia.com.au. Upon his return to Vietnam, Mr. Do worked at Dofyco Printing establishing key customer relationships, coordination of public relations efforts and successfully integrated Business Management and Customer Relationship Management software solutions into the daily business of Dofyco Printing. Mr. Do has been working with EA|GA for over three years in management, developing business plans and strategy.

11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - Pham Vu Ba Tung, Technology and Government RelationsPham Vu Ba Tung
Technology and Government Relations
Mr. Pham received his B.Sc. in Aquaculture from The Fisheries University, Nha Trang and subsequently received his Masters degree from Tromso University, Norway in Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics. Mr. Pham’s career includes Director of Fisheries Production and Science and technology Services Company Limited (FSC., LTD), a division of Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 2, Mr. Pham has spent considerable time in assisting existing resource-poor small scale aquaculture projects and shrimp farmers in Vietnam. He has consulted for the World Bank on several projects including the Phuc Hoa Water Resources Project, worked for the Mekong River Commission on projects ranging from water management in rice/shrimp farming, introducing community based fish culture management and more. Mr. Pham has participated in many aquaculture workshops throughout the world and established many training courses for local farmers in Vietnam. in addition, Mr. Pham has authored over a dozen professional papers on aquaculture and shrimp farming techniques and resource management.