Business Model

MindBridge will re-introduce the NIA hardware (headset) in a wireless form building on the existing customer base of tens of thousands of NIA products shipped. The product will be sold through consumer distribution channels for product produced by MindBridge as well as through OEM relationships through licensing agreements for MindBridge product that is incorporated into industry specific products.

MindBridge is providing hardware designs and Software Development Kits (SDKs) encouraging third party application development.

A MindBridge APPS Store will be established whereby developers can obtain SDKs as well as submit their applications to. As a royalty based venue, the MindBridge APPS Store will serve as a commercialization pathway for the developer community.
13K001 MindBridge - Business Model

Additionally, MindBridge is working with researchers and developers in markets and application areas as diverse as gaming, brain health, toys, music, cognitive disorder therapies, education, market research, and many more areas that are not only opportunities in and of themselves, but also bring new approaches for those afflicted with disabilities. As a result, opportunities exist for MindBridge solutions through technology licensing, partnerships, joint ventures and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) relationships.

Intellectual Property
MindBridge currently holds three issued patents:
  • Method and Apparatus for Brain-Body Actuated System.
  • Gaming Headset with OIfactory Stimulation.
  • Method for using Biosignals for Simultaneous Multiple Control Functions.
Additional patents pending for:
  • Apparatus Claims
  • EEG Claims
MindBridge has developed expansion plans for their Intellectual Property using their highly experienced industry patent team.

13K001 MindBridge - Intellectual Property