Advancing Human Interaction
with Applications and Devices

MindBridge has developed a patented industry-unique brain-body activity controller and monitor that can change the way people do just about everything. MindBridge’s wearable technology can monitor, control and respond directly to the emotions, intentions and thoughts of the user and can be customized to work in an unlimited number of industrial, consumer and medical applications. The goal of MindBridge is to provide a platform around which products and solutions can be easily created and made available to those who can benefit from them.

13K001 MindBridge - Imagine

A wearable device that responds to intentions thoughts and emotions to provide users with the ability to control computers and mobile devices and to provide feedback based on their emotional condition or mental state.

New levels of interactivity to applications, games, toys, industrial equipment, sports performance and more are opened up by the MindBridge technology.

Enter a virtual world in gaming where abstractions like keyboard commands are replaced by user’s intentions reducing reaction time by 50%. Experience gaming at a totally different level.

Providing researchers, professionals and software developers the ability to create new applications built on the MindBridge platform that, until now, had been cost-prohibitive or impossible to realize with traditional approaches.

A technology for those with communication disabilities to operate computer software applications for access, keyboard and cursor control and disabilities-oriented exercises enabling communication with the outside world, which was not previously possible for many.

Migrating from purpose-built solutions to: apps on mobile devices, to interconnected wearable devices and the Internet of Everything.

13K001 MindBrige - Internet of Everything