Existing Gaming Products

The MindBridge gaming NIA was sold through OCZ Technology as an OEM Partner. With the feature of reduced reaction time coupled with the NIA complementing the existing gaming hardware, gameplay has been taken to new levels immersing the player into a virtual game world.

The product is compatible with any PC game, completely customizable to suit different styles of game play and is the gaming industry’s first hands-free controller.

13K001 MindBridge - Man doing yoga GameTV, a German television show produced an Unreal Tournament 3 challenge between Dr. Michael Schuette, a novice gamer using the MindBridge NIA and Klaus Wiedemann, the reigning World Champion player using a keyboard and mouse. The result after 30 minutes of playing was Klaus Wiedemann won 11 games, Dr. Schuette won 5 games. This level of scoring is comparable to professional rivals, not those of a novice player. Although Dr. Schuette fell behind in the beginning of the broadcast, toward the end of the show he was scoring 1 to 1 with the World Champion!

13K001 MindBridge - Hands-off demonstration using NIA
  • It's the holy grail of gaming. PC Power Play Magazine
  • Futuristic game play has arrived. Gadget Republic
  • Gives you completely new gaming experience. TechZine
  • The results we got... were mind blowing. Click Magazine
  • The most revolutionary product in sometime. IT-Review

MindBridge technology platforms have been used for control and monitoring applications across a broad spectrum of the medical industry.
  • Controlling devices such as wheelchairs, prosthetics and more.
  • Medical Research with the ability to incorporate feedback directly into applications.
  • Wellness applications.
  • Brings ability to communicate and use computers or other devices to those afflicted with communication disabilities, ALS, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries and more.
13K001 MindBridge - Wounded Warrior Project
Making the technology available to wounded warriors would bring immediate benefits to both Physically Wounded as well as Emotional Wounded Warriors. MindBridge is providing a platform that can be used to collect and analyze information that will enable additional research and new applications. MindBridge’s technology carries with it the ability of collecting significant information that can be applied in researching causes and new cures for multiple types of traumatic issues. MindBridge’s technology can also provide new levels of access, interactivity and rehabilitation for Wounded Warriors. The core technology can provide benefits in all four of the primary Wounded Warrior programs to “nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement”.

13K001 MindBridge - Chris Jacquin Chris Jacquin, a gifted musician and composer attended the Drake Music Scotland in Edinburgh under the tutelage of David McNiven. 18 year old Chris is an inspirational musician and composer who has been involved with musical projects, concerts and technology development for the past five years. He was chosen to be one of three musicians with disabilities to perform solos in the PRS for Music Foundation New Music 20×12, part of the London Cultural Olympiad presenting project Technophonia. Chris becomes the first candidate to sit the Advanced Higher Grade Music performance exam using inclusive music technology, in this case The MindBridge NIA, and was awarded an A! He produced his own composition titled Sea Sanctus. Chris has recently been awarded a Music Scholarship at Heriot Watt University and will be working with Director of Music Steve King. MindBridge technology opened a new life for this gifted individual who has to combat many obstacles from the effects of Cerebral Palsy to the attitude of others.

NIH Child Health and Human Development Grant Numbers R43 HD39070 and R43 HD42942-01 evaluated the MindBridge technology based on its ability to improve the lives of paralyzed subjects and demonstrate that subjects with severe muscle control disabilities could use brainwave bio-potentials from the forehead to run software applications on computers respectively. The conclusion of the grants were that the results were remarkable considering the profoundness of the disabilities of many of the participants. They also concluded that the MindBridge technology provided the speed needed to use computer technology, made choices available, grew with the individual's development, and could be used in many environments.

Testimonial and User Stories
Communications Disabled Controller for an ALS Patient, Seattle, WA
I am completely paralyzed from head-to-toe except for my eyes and jaw. The Disability Controller allows me to speak, write, work, manage family finances and communicate with family. Using these types of programs have been a great contributor to my quality of life.

A teenager is left with traumatic brain injury, spastic quadriplegia and scoliosis, after a vehicle accident. 13K001 MindBridge - Female golf player
Condition: Diagnosed in a Persistive Vegetative State (PVS). Could only track visually, use eye-blink to indicate yes/no and use switches with physical prompting, but displayed no voluntary motor control.
Solution: Within first month, the user was able to move cursor with only verbal prompts and was removed of PVS diagnosis by a neurologist. After six weeks, was able to turn pages on an on-screen book. Within four months, demonstrated reliable cursor control, which enabled her to utilize a mouse to run several instructional software applications and lifted arm to place her hand on a switch to turn on a tape player – this response was not part of the training program, but could be attributed to the re-connection between brain and body obtained from using the product.