Over the past few years, computers have evolved to become truly portable devices. Every current smartphone has more intelligence than most personal computers had only a decade ago. This has enabled novel applications and opportunities in every aspect of our lives, including entertainment, learning, data analysis, rehabilitation, and has spawned new levels of connection between man and machine. This evolution has not been limited to just the processing level, but also includes input devices like touchscreens, word recognition, and even motion sensors that are now important pieces in the evolution of these applications. However, one last frontier remains: we not had the capabilities of directly communicating our thoughts to a computer. Until now.

The MindBridge patented industry-unique brain-body activity controller and monitor uses EEG (Electro-EncephaloGram, i.e., brain), EOG (Electro-OculoGram, i.e., eye) and EMG (Electro-MyoGram, i.e., muscle) signals and converts them to control inputs for an unlimited number of industrial, consumer and medical applications.
13K001 MindBridge - Technology
  • Provides hands-free control of any application and device.
  • Brainwaves from thoughts, eye and muscle movements are made available via software for:
    • Control of devices — alone or in combination with other methods
    • Monitoring for use in medical and behavior research.
  • Components all incorporated in Headband.
Using individual, rather than blended brainwaves the MindBridge product converts thoughts, eye and muscle movements into signals and make them available to applications. This Real-Time brainwave signal capture and processing unit is incorporated into an attractive easy to use wearable headband that communicates to devices through Bluetooth or other industry standard communication protocols.

There are a number of core principles that define and differentiate Mind-Bridge’s approach, including:
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Use
  • Use of all Brain-Body Signals
  • Wearable
  • High Function & Performance
  • Transportable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Multiplatform
Each of these principles serves to reduce the barriers to broad deployment, enabling the delivery of new applications and solutions to significant numbers of people. MindBridge continues to develop new capabilities that will further extend the usefulness of the applications and products that are possible.

13K001 MindBridge - Technology