Engineered Solutions

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Engineered Solutions

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Engineered Solutions
  • Understand the Need
  • Design the Solution
  • Execute the Design
  • Educate the Owner
Successfully designing, installing and operating high performance energy systems requires a dedicated approach from the owner, engineers and contractor. Systems of this magnitude cannot be supplied from a catalog.

Investing the time to fully understand the desires of the owner, Cascade Sun Works is able to design energy systems that are unsurpassed by others.

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Engineered Solutions

Sustainable Building Design
14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Sustainable Building Design

Key Points for Sustainable Building
  • Optimize Site Potential
  • Minimizing Waste and Toxins
  • Efficiently using Energy, Materials and Water
  • Optimize Building Space
  • Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Optimize Operational and Maintenance Practices
Cascade Sun Works sustainable building services are a result of extensive knowledge, and good engineering and building practices that are used to reduce depletion of critical resources (energy, water, etc.), raw materials and reduce environmental degradation. Design and consulting services are furnished at all levels in a sustainability project ranging from installation of renewable energy systems, to full energy efficient building designs. Working closely with architects, engineers, construction and trades personnel, utility company staff and various government agencies is required to deliver a truly sustainable solution.

For a project to be sustainable, the buildings entire life-cycle is analyzed to identify overall environmental footprint and impact. These practices work on new and existing structures.