Photovoltaic (PV)

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Cascade Sun Works has designed, built installed and maintained photovoltaic (PV) systems across the total spectrum of solar electric.

Working closely with architects, electrical engineers, utility company staff and various government agencies, Cascade Sun Works has successfully integrated PV into new and existing structures. Design of system to customer needs; Evaluation of shading issues and rooftop restrictions are all part of a successful installation.
  • Grid Tied
  • Independent Systems
  • Water Pumping
  • Power Packs

Only components and systems that are is well-developed tested with proven reliability in all applications are installed. 20+ year lifetime.

Cascade Sun Works responsibility is for the total project from start to finish including the preparation of the documents necessary to receive tax credits and energy incentives from the government and utilities.

Grid Tied PV
14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Photovoltaic

PV Grid Tied systems are used on homes and business to offset utility costs. PV Grid Tied utility scale systems are power generation systems feeding their power to the utility grid. Overwhelmingly the combination of state and federal tax credits, utility incentives and low interest loans allowed for this implementation. Much of the tax legislation that Oregon adopted making it one of the most progressive state incentive program Douglas Railton helped craft and obtain legislative approval while he was president of OSEIA.

Grid Tied systems fall into two categories; Power Generation Systems and Net Metering Systems. Power Generation Systems are usually utility or community based and as a result tend to be quite large. These systems only generate power to be used by the utility grid. Net Metering Systems are used to partially offset a power requirements on a home or business. The structure needs to be equipped with a special “Net Meter”, than can run either direction; One way when more power is being used than produced and the other way or “backwards” when more power is being generated than consumed with the additional amount being fed back to the utility grid. At the end of the billing cycle, the grid tied customer would be billed only for the “Net” amount of electricity consumed.

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Most of the wind generation projects that Cascade Sun Works has been involved globally have been commercial based utility scale power generators. Tax laws that Douglas Railton as president of OSEIA legislated are directly responsible for the rapid growth of large wind farms in eastern Oregon. Wind power in Oregon for 2013 accounted for 12.4% of total electricity generated in Oregon.

There is an unresolved controversy regarding utility scale wind systems in that they interfere with bird and bat habitat and migratory birds can inadvertently be struck by the rotating blades of the wind turbine resulting in large numbers of birds killed.

The 845 megawatt Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in north-central Oregon completed in 2012 was the largest wind farm in Oregon and the second largest in the world with a cost of US$ 1.48 billion. Wind power is an affordable, efficient and abundant source of energy that is pollution free, cost competitive with conventional sources of electricity and it is sustainable.

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Independent

Cascade Sun Works, Inc. provides state-of-the-art off grid renewable energy generation systems for residential, commercial and institutional applications that are not served by power lines or traditional utility services. We specialize in the design and turn-key installation of off-grid systems, helping clients harness the sun’s energy, wind energy or water energy in diverse locations. Systems range from vacation home applications to sophisticated commercial systems. Cascade Sun Works is a full service installer that will help design the code approved power system appropriate for clients needs. Only the highest quality components and electronics, backed by substantial warranty periods are used. All the systems are modular and fully expandable, allowing for economical upgrading for future expansion.

Systems are available in either 120vac or 240vac configurations, typically consisting of PV arrays, wind generators, mini-hydro generators, control and safety equipment, battery bank, inverter and a back up generator, all ETL listed and ready for installation.

Independent off grid systems should not be used as a replacement for available power.

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Independent

Inverters convert the low voltage DC (Direct Current) power that is produced by the PV panels and stored in batteries, into 120vac or 240vac power. Inverters are available in a wide range of wattage capabilities.

Batteries are used to store energy for use at a later time, such as during night time or on cloudy days. The batteries used in an Off Grid system are deep cycle batteries with a lifetime of around 10 years if properly maintained. The number of batteries used in a system varies on the type of battery, and the anticipated storage needs.

Renewable power generation is available from Photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind generators and mini-hydro units.

Back up generator units (usually diesel) are installed to maintain power generation requirements on days when solar is not enough. Generators are always set up with an auto-start mode to insure that the batteries are always maintained at the proper charge. 

Water Pumping
14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Water Pumping

Solar Water Pumping utilizes electricity derived from solar PV panels to drive a water pump. The required number of solar panels will vary depending on the size, volume and depth of the pump.

Livestock Watering: Cascade Sun Works supplied kitted systems globally to cattle ranchers where water sources are scattered over vast rangeland, where power lines are few, and costs of transport and maintenance are high.

Irrigation: Solar pumps are used on small farms, orchards, vineyards and gardens. It is most economical to pump PV array-direct (without battery), store water in a tank, and distribute it by gravity flow. Where pressurizing is required, storage batteries are utilized.

Domestic Water: Cascade Sun Works has designed deep well systems that were effective to a depth of 238m (780 ft.) Cascade Sun Works Solar deep well pumps are used in private homes, remote villages, medical clinics, etc. Cascade Sun Works has supplied solutions to global NGO programs.

Independent off grid systems should not be used as a replacement for available power.