Solar Hot Water

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Solar hot water systems use basic principles and components to capture incoming solar radiation and heat water for domestic and other uses. Over the years, a variety of system designs have been developed and tested to meet the specific consumer needs and environmental conditions.

The DayStar Thermal System Solar Hot Water Systems are designed and manufactured in Central Oregon by Cascade Sun Works for residential, commercial and RV applications. These systems can furnish solar energy heating for domestic hot water, radiant heating and pool/spa requirements.

Cascade Sun Works approached all large and small solar hot water systems with a modular and integrated attitude designing the system to utilize as much as possible off the shelf commercially available product.

A unique modular manifold system is used minimizing installation and service issues. All system valving, pumps monitoring as well as service fittings are installed in this manifold.

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Solar Hot Water Solutions

Solar hot water systems are most commonly used to heat water for basic household needs such as laundry, bathing, dishwashing and cooking. These systems are commonly referred to as "domestic solar hot water systems". Domestic hot water systems typically use solar energy to pre-heat the water that is incoming to a conventionally fueled water heating tank. The warmer the water from the solar heater, the less conventional fuel will be needed to provide the household's hot water needs. A properly sized solar hot water system in many parts of the world can provide up to 80% of a household's hot water needs.

DayStar Solar Hot Water System
The DayStar Solar Hot Water Systems are typically made up of two major components: Collectors and the DayStar Solar Appliance. The payback for a DayStar Solar Hot Water System us usually under seven (7) years. DayStar Solar Hot Water Systems are eligible for tax credits and utility incentives. With these incentives applied, system payback can be as little as two years.

14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Solar Hot Water Solutions

Through sound engineering and manufacturing practices, DayStar has introduced the concept of a “Solar Appliance”, a single appliance that includes the storage tank, heat exchanger, pumping control and instrumentation all in a single easy to install package. Install the DatStor solar appliance in an appropriate utility area, mount and connect the collectors on the roof and hot water will be produced from the sun.

The DayStor Solar Appliance is available in two sizes; 303 liters (80 gallon) and 454 liters (120 gallons). Typical flat plate collectors used are 3.0 m2 (32 ft2) and 3.7 m2 (40 ft2).

Selection of the system is dependent on location with the solar resources calculated for each location.

Space Heating
14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Solar Hot Water Solutions

Solar hot water heating can also be used to provide space heating. The same set of solar collectors can be used to provide hot water for both domestic hot water and space heating needs, although space heating will generally require a much greater collector area, larger hot water storage capacity nad heat exchanger as well as more sophisticated controls. Due to these extra costs, and because sunshine is relatively scarce when heating loads are highest (for example at night and during the winter) solar energy should be looked at augmenting the total heating loads. Passive solar and other building efficiency measures that will reduce your heating loads should be employed prior to solar space heating.

Successfully designing, installing, and operating high-performance heating systems requires a dedicated approach from the building owner and all members of the design and construction teams.

Systems of this magnitude can not be supplied from a catalog; each high performance heating system supplied by Cascade Sun Works is carefully engineered to provide the maximum comfort using the least amount of energy. Tight coordination is required with the designer, builder and homeowner with full engineering drawings, specifications and operation/service manuals being supplied for every job.

Radiant Floors
14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Solar Hot Water Solutions

Radiant floors are without a question the most comfortable heating method available. The nature of radiant floors lends itself nicely to incorporating solar to supplement the heating loads. Cascade Sun Works has extensive experience of all aspect of radiant floors from engineering and design, to integrated solar and boiler installations. Done right, a radiant floor coupled with a DayStar solar hot water system will furnish years of trouble free operation, all the time offsetting energy costs.

Many of the larger radiant systems that Cascade Sun Works installed used ground source heat pumps or air-to-water heat pumps. The advantage of these two products is they offer a very high operating efficiency. They also are able to perform chilling functions as well as heating allowing for air handlers to be installed for air conditioning.

All of the Cascade Sun Works high performance heating systems were equipped with adaptive control systems.

Spa and Pool Heating
14C001 EA|GA Cascade Sun Works - Solar Hot Water Solutions

Solar pool heaters are often the most economical way to heat a swimming pool. Compared to conventional pool heaters using propane, electricity or oil, solar pool heating systems can pay for themselves in under several years. A solar heating system can provide an economical way to extend the usable pool season, starting earlier in the spring and extending later into the fall. Cascade Sun Works has two basic systems for solar heating of pools and spas.

Direct circulation. Pool or spa water is circulated through the collector with the heated water recirculating back to the pool. These systems are not intended to be used during freezing conditions.

Glycol based, closed loop system. This system uses either flat plate or evacuated tube collectors. A non toxic glycol solution is circulated from the collectors to a heat exchanger, usually in the pool machinery room. Pool water is circulated on the other side of this heat exchanger with the heated water returned to the pool. These are year round systems that can be operated with the correct glycol solution to -18c (-40f).