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Hunt/Railton International

The H/RI GROUP was established by Douglas Railton, Theodore Burgess and C. Raymond Hunt Associates offering unsurpassed experience in design, engineering and technical consulting to the marine industry worldwide. The dedicated programs and services provide clients with a strong competitive advantage in the marine marketplace. 

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C. Raymond Hunt Associates is renowned for its distinguished, elegant motor and sailing yachts and uncompromising work boat and military designs. Outstanding rough water capabilities and sea keeping qualities have made the Hunt deep-V hull form a high-performance standard others can only copy.

Clients are able to receive total solutions packaged for their individual requirements for technical support packages with clear objectives and goals promoting effective use of client resources.

H/RI is exceptionally well qualified in these areas, and has achieved an excellent track record in supporting clients with unusual requirements, often from the preliminary concept phase through sea trials and ultimate customer acceptance. In addition, H/RI is recognized throughout the world for its ability to solve difficult performance and propulsion problems.

The H/RI GROUP client list includes diverse organizations active in maritime defense, transportation, fisheries, vessel construction/operation and marine products manufacturing.
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group

H/RI TECHCARE - Commercial Customers using H/RI Services (partial)

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - Commercial Customers using H/RI Services (partial)

H/RI TECHCARE - Governments using H/RI Services (partial)

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - Governments using H/RI Services (partial)