Specialized H/RI Products

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI Specialized Products

All the products that H/RI developed or assisted in the development all hade one thing in common – They were designed for very fast boats.

H/RI products were in response to a void in the marketplace for certain quality products needed for high speed applications that were professional in all aspects from Design, to Quality, from quality Control to Maintenance Programs.
  • Propellers
  • Control Systems
  • DuraPlane Trim Tabs
  • Arneson Surface Drives
H/RI directly manufactured Hydraulic Control Systems and the DuraPlane Trim tabs. Propellers were outsourced or co-developed. Douglas Railton was responsible for engineering services at Arneson Marine during the Development of ASD-8 through the ASD 18 comprising nine distinct models.

Surface Piercing Propellers
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI Surface Piercing Propellers

  • Match propulsion system to complement hull design, maximizing performance.
  • Powering and performance calculations for new or existing craft.
  • Application Suitability and Selection.
  • Work with New or Existing vendors.
  • Design using computer modeling and validated against extensive comparative sea trials.
  • Manufacture/Modify with chosen H/RI partners.
  • Single source supply for complete propulsion packages.
  • Take Away the Mystique.
  • Forensics
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI Surface Piercing Propellers

Integrated Control Systems
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI Integrated Control Systems

  • Control Systems for Arneson Surface Drives and Water Jet Applications.
  • Simple powered hydraulic direction and ancillary control (ASD Trim, Water jet reversing).
  • H/RI Modular Control Systems offers a cost effective solution for applications where expansion capabilities or multiple functions in a control system are required.
  • Full Electronic over Hydraulic steering with a variety of input devices ranging from steering wheel to 3D multi-function Jog Levers. Can be expanded to incorporate any hydraulic controlled function on the vessel.
  • All systems have at least one independent Emergency Steering solution.
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Vendors
  • Testing
  • Documentation

DuraPlane Trim Tabs
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI DuraPlane Trim Tabs

  • DuraPlane trim tabs have been elegantly designed to utilize internal cylinders and eliminate external hoses and indicator cables.
  • Cylinder and indicator repairs can be conducted from inside the vessel, eliminating the need for a haul-out for repairs.
  • Highest quality product available in it’s class.
  • Aluminum units constructed of AlMag 535 for corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Internal Cylinders
  • Internal Indication System
  • Standard Sizes
  • Custom Sizes
  • AlMag, NiBrAl, Ti
  • Custom Colors
  • Bronze units are constructed using NiBrAl, same grade material as used on high speed propellers requiring high strength and fatigue resistance. These units are extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • Titanium units offer the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance. Light as aluminum, stronger than Stainless Steel.

Arneson Surface Drive
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI Arneson Surface Drives

  • Over 20 year relationship with Arneson Surface Drives.
  • Douglas Railton responsible for engineering and applications services (VP Engineering) worldwide for Arneson Marine, Inc., for over 10 years. During this time, developed nine distinct ASD models, ASD-6 through ASD-18.
  • H/RI provided direct customer support as well as support for Twin Disc worldwide for ASD applications.
  • Developed technical support packages that are still in use today.
  • Powering, Performance and ASD Selection software developed for dealers, later ported to mobile.
  • Over 3,000 applications worldwide
  • Applications on patrol boats, ferry boats, work boats pleasure boats and race boats

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI Arneson Surface Drives