H/RI TECHCARE - Commercial Support Solutions

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - TECHCARE Programs

  • Tailored to help clients effectively meet their goals.
  • Dedicated to providing H/RI GROUP clients with a strong competitive advantage in the marine marketplace worldwide.
  • Services from concept to product for commercial clients.
  • On-Site worldwide support.
  • Governmental and regulatory agency support.
  • H/RI TECHPLAN - Planning and Design
  • H/RI TECHTEAM - Technical Support
  • H/RI TECHPACK - Equipment Sourcing/Supply
  • H/RI TECHSELL - Marketing Support
  • H/RI TECHTALK - Knowledge Programs
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - TECHCARE Programs

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHPLAN

H/RI TECHPLAN - Planning and Design
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of project requirements.
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation for the determination of potential Joint Venture or Technology Transfer opportunities.
  • Preparation of proposals and/or other presentation materials.
  • Development of design concepts, integrating naval architecture and subsystems into total solutions.
  • Preparation of presentation and construction drawings, specifications, and computer‑generated hydrostatic analyses.
  • Forensic services for product and performance failures.
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHPLAN

Marine Engineering and Design
  • Understanding clients requirements
  • Design Concepts
  • Specifications, Engineering, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Performance and Propulsion System Analysis
  • Reduced or Emission-Free Propulsion Systems
  • Final Design
  • Classification/Regulatory Agency Selection
  • Solution Pakages
  • Product Development
Executing Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Performance evaluation and propulsion engineering
  • Systems design and engineering
  • Stability calculations
  • Vibration and noise control
  • Classification and Regulatory compliance
  • Specification and product determination
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHPLAN
Classification and Surveys
  • Conform to agency requirements
  • Support from design through sea trials
  • Coordination and conflict resolution when numerous agencies are involved
  • Determination of relevant agency class
  • Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Survey for purchasing new or used vessel
  • Engine and System survey for determining status and lifetime of major machinery
  • Appraisal / Donation survey
  • On / Off hire surveys
  • Charter evaluations

H/RI TECHTEAM - Technical Support
  • Evaluation of proficiency potentials as related to specific project goals.
  • Development of individual support programs with clearly defined objectives.
  • Deployment of experienced multinational support personnel as required for on-site technical assistance and supervision.
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHTEAM
Consulting, Project Management
  • Performance and Propulsion Analysis
  • Vibration and noise analysis
  • Inclining Tests
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Inspections
  • Forensics
  • Technology Transfer and Licensing
  • Presentations and Negotiations with Government Departments
  • Advise, negotiating, permitting and litigating governmental issues
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Total facility management
  • Process management
  • Shipyard supervision
  • Logistics support
  • Work in progress reporting
  • Budget and timeline monitoring
  • Locate negotiate with shipyards / suppliers
  • On site quality control
  • Inspections, sea trials and hand over
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHTEAM

H/RI TECHPACK - Equipment Sourcing/Supply
  • Offshore procurement services for equipment and machinery are available to selected H/RI clients.
  • Evaluation of offshore procurement needs, based on input from client, design group and field personnel.
  • Extensive international experience allows economical sourcing, careful documentation and prompt shipment of specified requirements.
  • Balance indigenous materials sourcing with import content.
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHPACK
Vessel Acquisition, Charter Management
  • Evaluation of suitability issues of selected vessels for Clients
  • Source suitable vessel
  • Vessel surveys and inspections
  • Logistics support
  • Transportation
  • Manage financial transaction

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHPACK
  • Financial, records and audit management
  • Threat assessment
  • Technical support
  • ISM and ISPS support
  • Certification and survey maintenance
  • Crew support
  • Security
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHPACK

H/RI TECHSELL - Marketing Support
  • Assist domestic and overseas clients to formulate individualized marketing programs.
  • Establish strong competitive advantage in the international marine market place.
  • Locate and/or establish distribution channels for Client's product.
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHSELL
Market Surveys and Programs
  • Understanding client needs
  • Relevant, accurate and reliable research
  • Define market opportunities
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sales and Service
  • Relationship marketing
  • Business/Industrial marketing
  • Social network marketing
  • Advertising strategy and campaigns
  • Networking through extensive contact list

Marketing - Competitive Advantage / Supply Chain
Marine Products - Establish Competitive Advantage
  • Define product
  • Define costing
  • Production and process economics
  • Define any First-Mover Advantage
  • Technological advantages
Define and Optimize Supply Chain
  • Define product distribution to market
  • Access unique or scarce distribution channels
  • Internet and social network usage
  • Direct or third party distribution
  • Motivation of channel
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHSELL

H/RI TECHTEACH - Teaching / Education
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHTEACH

Teaching / Knowledge / Education
  • Win-Win achievement by educating clients on issues so they have the knowledge and confidence to make successful decisions. 
  • Programs designed to educate commercial and governmental clients on how to evaluate their needs, publish meaningful and auditable RFQs and evaluate the responses.
  • Programs to educate clients to ask the right questions on vessel design and propulsion system selection for high speed craft. 
  • Work with client at all levels from shipyard personnel to senior management and ministry level for governments to insure that compartmentalization of knowledge is used to support rather than obstruct the project.
Technical papers to advance technology awareness
  • Papers to professional groups: 4-SNAME, 1-Westlawn, 1-RINA, 2-IINA, 1-TINA
  • Over 50 magazine articles in professional publications
  • Over 200 application specific papers for distribution to industry professionals
  • Specialized knowledge through education
  • IIT - New Delhi, Designing Fast Patrol Boats
  • IIT - Haifa, Israel Advanced Propulsion Systems
  • ROC Naval Academy, Taiwan Designing High Speed Vessels

14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - H/RI TECHTEACH