Our Projects

Team EA|GA brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to developing and executing global projects across a wide range of industries and technologies. The projects shown here are a representative sampling of that depth and breadth.

EA|GA has been presented with hundreds of “Excellent Projects” locally. Of these hundreds of projects less than ten have been presented to the investment community by EA|GA. A Project or Business Plan that is seeking investment needs to be papered and packaged in a format that the investment community will accept. First the project needs to make financial success for all stakeholders, not just the person bringing the project to EA|GA. Second, the project needs to be papered and packaged in a manner that makes sense to the audience intended for – The Investment Community, not the author of the project. Cartoon pictures or misleading information are not considered papered. For those individuals and businesses that wish to proceed in a professional manner, the services of EA|GA can be utilized to package opportunities into professional and attractive investment documents that will be well received.

There are numerous instances where EA|GA has assisted individuals wanting to develop a new or expand their existing business lacking the knowledge and confidence to move forward. Most of the instances that EA|GA assisted in was helping them overcome their fear; Fear of the unknown; Fear of competition; Fear of failing; Fear of getting out of their comfort zone that led to insecurities resulting in a mindset doomed to fail. By working together with the principles, EA|GA has been able to identify problematic areas, offer guidance and direction that has empowered these individuals to move forward in a successful way. Most of the service that EA|GA has performed helping individuals gain their confidence has been on a pro bono basis.

Another area that has been important to the success of our projects is passing our knowledge and experience on to others so they have the knowledge and confidence to make successful decisions. The H/RI Marine Technology Group formally did this through their TECHTEACH Knowledge Programs, Cascade Sun Works initiated a formal sustainability and renewable energy education program through accredited classes at local colleges, trade organizations and through community outreach programs. Passing our knowledge on becomes a way of life for our projects.

EA|GA works with clients at all levels of a project from shop floor personnel to senior management and ministry level for governments to insure that compartmentalization of knowledge is used to support rather than obstruct the project. For governments venturing into new technology acquisition, programs were designed to educate commercial and governmental clients on how to evaluate their needs, publish meaningful and auditable RFQs and evaluate the responses. One of the most successful and far reaching methods that has been employed by principles of EA|GA is the publishing of technical papers through professional organizations, schools and colleges, magazines and presentations to advance issues specific to technology awareness. Only through knowledge and understanding comes a win-win success for all parties.

Involvement with legislative issues has been successfully demonstrated by the tax credit legislation for Oregon that Douglas Railton was involved in resulting in the establishment of a tax credit program that allowed the renewables energy industry to take off, telecommunications legislation in Vietnam and the Philippines allowed for the advancement of private equity participating in the local markets Numerous instances exist where EA|GA involved legislation has been used to develop the investment arena in developing countries to promote local manufacturing and development.

EA|GA stands ready to participate assisting clients in technologies or business developmentsm many of which have been illustrated by the following projects. Some of these projects are completed, while others are still a work in progress or have investment opportunities attached to them.

Featured Projects and Industries
11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies - Logo
Investment Opportunities Available
  11J007 EA|GA RAS Technologies
EA|GA RAS Technologies uses a recirculating aquaculture system technology (RAS) to bring a predictable, chemical and drug free biosecure production of shrimp to a scalable enterprise. EA|GA RAS Technologies is developing a 500 ton per year environmentally friendly facility where the product is produced under conditions in which all inputs are controlled allowing us to offer a:
Predictable, chemical and drug free shrimp production that can be certified organic.
13K001 MindBridge - Logo
Investment Opportunities Available
  13K001 MindBridge
MindBridge has developed a patented industry-unique brain-body activity controller and monitor that can change the way people do just about everything. Mind-Bridge’s wearable technology can monitor, control and respond directly to the emotions, intentions and thoughts of the user and can be customized to work in an unlimited number of industrial, consumer and medical applications. The goal of MindBridge is to provide a platform around which products and solutions can be easily created and made available to those who can benefit from them.
Advancing Human Interaction with Applications and Devices.
14C001 EA|GA Sustainability and Renewables with Cascade Sun Works - Logo
Renewable Energy Solutions
Sustainability Solutions
  14C001 EA|GA Sustainability and Renewables with Cascade Sun Works
Cascade Sun Works was established in 2001 providing contracting, engineering, installation, service and maintenance for all areas of the renewable energy field. Products include solar hot water, photovoltaic and high performance HVAC systems. Cascade Sun Works solutions could reduce a building's energy needs by at least 50% by providing unique energy, engineering and construction solutions.
Success is through evaluation of potential energy conservation measures, then applying system and equipment design using professional installation methods. Capabilities range from designing simple systems to elaborate integrated multi-function and multi-layered systems that can be controlled remotely.
14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group - Logo
Design, Engineering Consulting
  14E001 EA|GA H/RI Marine Technology Group
The H/RI GROUP was established by Douglas Railton, Theodore Burgess and C. Raymond Hunt Associates offering unsurpassed experience in design, engineering and technical consulting to the marine industry worldwide. The dedicated programs and services provide clients with a strong competitive advantage in the marine marketplace.
C. Raymond Hunt Associates is renowned for its distinguished, elegant motor and sailing yachts and uncompromising work boat and military designs. Outstanding rough water capabilities and sea keeping qualities have made the Hunt deep-V hull form a high-performance standard others can only copy.
Clients are able to receive total solutions packaged for their individual requirements for technical support packages with clear objectives and goals promoting effective use of client resources.

11A009 Trilink
Investment Opportunities Available
  11A009 EA Trilink Corp
EA Trilink Corporation (Trilink) is an Asian regional telecommunications company based in the Philippines. Trilink is currently engaged in termination services through its International Gate Gateway (IGF), in the process of two Information and Communications technology (ICT) rollouts and development of a wireless landline operation in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Trilink is a founding member of the BIMP-EAGA Submarine Terrestrial Cable Project which shall link the entire BIMP-EAGA region on a fiber optic technology. There are several investment opportunities within Trilink.
07b001 Beeline-Vimpelcom   07B001 Beeline-VimpelCom
Beeline is one of the most powerful brands in the world established by the Russian company VimpelCom in 1993. Beeline’s presence in Vietnam is the culmination of the trilateral agreement established by the principals of EA|GA, Mr. Douglas E. Railton, Mr. Kerry Smith and Mr. Robert R. O’Neill, between the Gtel Corporation, VimpelCom and the Millennium Group representing an investment of over US$ 1 billion.
09H031 Van Don Special Economic Zone Master Plan
Investment Opportunities Available
  09H031 Van Don Special Economic Zone Master Plan
Van Don is a district comprising a group of more than 600 islands within the province of Quang Ninh in the North East sector of Vietnam. It is approximately 175km from Hanoi, 80 km from Hai Phong, 50 km from Halong City and approximately 100km from Mong Cai City. The district encompasses the famous World Heritage listed Halong Bay. The master Plan that was developed by Dato Kamal Zaharin (EA|GA Executive Board member), Douglas Railton and Robert O’Neill was distinguished from other Economic Zones in Vietnam as the focus was not just on industrial development, but focused on maritime tourism, financial and trading services. The Minister of Construction announced that the master plan was the best they had ever seen with foreign participation, and that it set the standards for others to follow.
Investment opportunities developed by this master plan exist.
11D004 Vietnam Equestrian Community and Race Track
Investment Opportunities Available
  11D004 Vietnam Equestrian Community and Race Track
Located in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam approximately 70 Km outside of Ho Chi Minh City, the Binh Phuoc Recreation Pty Ltd. project aims to develop the first world standard equestrian community in the ASEAN region The 195.7 hectare property will host an international standard racecourse supported by commercial, residential and entertainment facilities including a sports club, two inter-national standard hotels as well as full featured commercial center. In addition, a number of high class townhouses, villas and a retirement facility will be available for people to reside near the racecourse and facilities. Opportunities for investing at several levels exist for this project.
09B024 Passage to Vietnam  

09B024 Passage to Vietnam - Village
“Passage to Vietnam” (PTV) Handicrafts Village Located in An Phu ward, Cu Chi province approximately 60km from Ho Chi Minh City is the result of the hard work and long term commitment of Chairwoman Ms. Tran Thi Thuyet Nga, a committed visionary and Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Traditional Craft Villages. Ms Nga‟s Vision was to create a private space with a traditional atmosphere to convey and promote traditional Vietnamese culture to both domestic and international visitors. PTV will provide an environment in which young Vietnamese can learn how their ancestors sacrificed their lives for the preservation of their unique culture and appreciate the term “fatherland‟.

The property consists of 19.61 hA total area, including 3.2 hA of serene water surface, numerous traditional buildings and a treasure trove of botanical splendor, with collections of trees, bamboo, flowers and plants including some exotic species brought together after being collected throughout Vietnam.

With Passage to Vietnam now operating, PTV is seeking additional investment required for the completion of some additional accommodations and features. Investment funds would also be used for marketing activities to promote awareness of the village and increase the guest count.

09B024 Passage to Vietnam - Handicrafts
Passage to Vietnam (PTV) Handicrafts has over 20 different handicrafts products made onsite with varied techniques unique to Vietnam. Many of the skills and products are in danger of being lost due to lack of the traditional working methods being taught and passed down for future generations to experience. PTV has been successful in preserving the artesian craftsmanship and products ensuring the traditions and culture of Vietnam will not be lost. As a result not only have these traditions been restored, but are being practiced daily and sold with the artisan in mind. PTV is a member of the following not-for-profit associations: Vietnamese Folk Culture Association, Vietnam Association of Traditional Craft Villages, HCMC Cooperatives Association and UNESCO Vietnam.

In cooperation with EA|GA, Passage to Vietnam, is implementing a strategy to expand their current domestic sales, and introduce their products into international markets.

10D004 Oversea Vietnamese Business Club   10D004 Oversea Vietnamese Business Club
The Overseas Vietnamese Business Club (OVC) was established in May of 1999 with the objective of creating a business meeting place for over-seas Vietnamese business people and foreigners to promote business opportunities, educate foreigners and overseas Vietnamese about the country's law and business traditions. OV possess a business license which is unique in Vietnam, as it allows the expansion of the e-gaming license with the ability to be franchised throughout Vietnam through partnership and co-location in four star and above hotel properties complying with the licensing requirements of Vietnam. There are opportunities throughout Vietnam for OVC to increase market penetration through expansion of additional e-gaming locations in cities suited to support the e-gaming opportunities
10B002 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia Urban Re-development Master Plan
Investment Opportunities Available
  10B002 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia Urban Re-development Master Plan
Located on the north east coast of Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu is poised for major redevelopment. With a growing population and recognized as the financial hub of the region, KTCC will quickly emerge as the new investment precinct of Malaysia. The main objective of the study and master plan is to strengthen the image of Kuala Terengganu as a vibrant Heritage Waterfront City. The KTCC Master Plan project will act as a catalyst in attracting local and foreign tourists to experience an urban development combining age old tradition and cultural heritage. Investment opportunities developed by this master plan exist.